Media Buying Decisions prides itself on our results and reputation in the market place. We have developed a strategic system for buying spots on media outlets that prove to be a greater value to our customer. Please don’t be sold into just buying spots that are just cheap. Many salespeople sell cheap spots for a reason and you need someone analytical to see if these spots are of value to you. They may be, but you need someone objective to help you make that decision. Let us evaluate your business and start developing a dynamic solution to your advertising needs.

Our company is under the guidance of Todd Brewster who is the founder and the lead developer of Media Buying Decisions’ buying system. Todd Brewster is the chief hands-on media buyer and oversees every step of the negotiation process, which is set up via analytical research. The system he developed is better because Todd has a degree in mathematics; trained on major accounts like Sears, Ford and Burger King and forged this media buying service for over 20 years.  You will probably never see a better resume for a media buyer in the southwest.  Many clients hire a media buying service because the owners have a marketing degree or worked at a TV or radio station.  They may understand the lingo and they may even get some low rates, but they will not consistently get you better value or understand how to make adjustments based on who and when people respond to your message.  Bottom line – Media Buying Decisions’ system will bring a better return on your advertising investment.



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